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Inspired by history, designed for today

If you are going into the wood -- don't leave your axe at home.

Our designs pay tribute to some of the most innovative and unique knives throughout history. Since axes have always been essential tools for survival, we like to combine traditional, historical design elements with modern, sustainable materials.

Our axes are utilitarian tools, designed to never let you down and to keep on cutting and chopping when others fail.



The head is hardened to around 55 HRC and the handle is shaped from oak, or ash, if you have a preference. As Fenrir is made to order you can expect to wait a few weeks for your to be made and shipped.

The axe comes with an edge sheath and you can also choose to have your handle ‘burnt’ or natural. Either way, we oil the handle with boiled linseed oil to protect them from the elements. This hand little axe will give you a lifetime of service, just like all of our products. The axe weighs approximately 500g (just under 18oz).

Material 1060 steel | handle material oak/ash | handle length 28cm / 11” | sheath material: leather | Blade length 3.5” / 8.5cm

At the present time we are only making knives to order. If you would like to place an order, please contact us directly and we will send you payment details. You can reach us here.

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